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May. 16th, 2005

I got a contract job at IBM. I'll be on a team of editors working on their developerWorks site. I'm excited about it, I'm sure I'll be learning a lot. I start next week.

In other news, my 15th high school reunion is coming up. I haven't been in touch with anyone from my high school at all, pretty much since graduation. That's mostly because I expect that a lot of these people probably still think of me as a doughy, spoiled, somewhat judgmental prude. And sure, I've probably just been mostly paranoid about it anyway, but it hasn't been worth it to me to find out. To the extent that this opinion of me was based on anything real, I would feel embarrassed to be around these people, and to the extent that it wasn't, I would feel indignant. Either way, it's meant no class reunions for me, at least up to now. But when I look at myself and how much I've changed since high school, and realize that everyone I knew back then could very well have changed as much, that does make me kind of curious. I can't go anyway because the timing is bad with the new job, but I do have the chance to get in touch with some old classmates, so I am. If I don't even give them a chance, I'm the one who's being unfair.


May. 17th, 2005 08:39 pm (UTC)
Hooray for the new job!

My 10th college reunion is this summer, but even though I'm still a (grad) student at the same school I went to for undergrad and thus live about four blocks away from the main reunion site, I don't think I'll go...I think if I didn't have to pay for the festivities I'd be more inclined to. :P