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Just a Few Noteworthy Items for Now

Thank you for the birthday wishes, slfcllednowhere! I got your card in yesterday's mail.

Riley's front two top teeth have just broken through in the past couple of days, bringing the grand total up to five. The next two out from those are almost through too, you can see the gums straining to hold them in. (Still no sign of the second bottom right incisor, but it must be in there somewhere.)

I've been taking photos of Riley with my cell phone to send to Laura while she's at work. I've started archiving them in my LJ scrapbook. I like the current scrapbook layout, but I want to add some links in a sidebar or something. This would be pretty easy, except the source code for this style isn't public. So now I'm thinking I might reverse engineer it, in my copious spare time. :P Unless somebody reading this knows of someone who's already reinvented that wheel.

Father's Day brunch here at home tomorrow, consisting of huevos rancheros. Mmmm.
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