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Puzzler Time!

Which of these things did Bryce not do today?
(A) Got his eyelid lanced.
(B) Destroyed an ecosystem.
(C) Finished Christmas shopping.
(D) Repaired the minivan.

Answer: C. Here's the breakdown:
(A) I've had a stye way down under/in my eyelid for some time. Antibiotics shrunk it a tiny bit, but it withheld the siege. So my opthamologist did a frontal assault on it today. It's a sore and scabbed, and a bit smaller still, but there's still a hard lump under there which seems to have made itself quite comfortable. Anyway.
(B) I cleaned up the wet mounds of leaves in our driveway today, upheaving the lives of centipedes, worms, ants, and even a mushroom. Bonus eco-destruction points for using a gas-powered leaf blower. :P
(C) Yeah, I just have one more thing to get though. I think.
(D) It was only a brake light blub replacement, but that totally counts, I say.


Dec. 19th, 2008 06:32 pm (UTC)
you're more powerful than I reckoned
I must be a dummy, because I was going to vote "B".