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Merry Christmas to Y'all

I caught a cold from Lydia a day or two ago, and today it's going full steam. To keep me from sneezing all over our holiday meal all day, Laura's stepfather and mother graciously stepped in to cook tonight's feast. We're having cassoulet, and asparagus goat cheese salad. I would never have chosen to do something so complicated if I'd thought they'd be doing the cooking.

I wrapped all the kids' presents last night except two; I ran out of steam and went to sleep. I finished up the last ones tonight. All of Riley's missing gifts are accounted for at last. These will be two happy kids tomorrow morning.

I didn't even know much to ask for myself, my life is pretty darn good. I doubt anything could ever top the super hug Lydia gave me tonight when she crawled up on my lap and said "Happy Merry Christmas, Daddy." However I do want to thank cobie for what will surely be my most Awesome present this year. :)

Wherever you are and whatever you're doing, I hope this holiday season brings you joy.

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