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Bryce's LJ

organic free-range digital drivel

Super President Chestnut Mayor
7 June
I read much more than I post. I tend to keep a few too many irons in the fire. I'm currently a full-time dad.

I grew up in Midwest suburbia, spent a few years in big cities, and came to realize that no place is really perfect for me. Then recently I ended up in Decatur GA, and discovered that some places can get close enough.

In person, I'm quiet but not shy. Online I take full advantage of the fact that no one can interrupt me.

My reality ejector seat of choice these days is City of Heroes, where I have a small army of characters.

All of my LJ icons are by me (except where noted), in the sense that I at least assembled them in Photoshop or something. (I only mention it because I may feel proud of a clever icon idea, not because I feel some misguided sense of ownership.)

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